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Patented Modified Slurry

Different from traditional “raw slurry” only by mixing and stirring, Fundant patented slurry is produced through automatic step-by-step titration with nano-modification technology, and thus can be considered as “processed slurry”. It has outstanding advantages over common slurry in consistency, stability and long service life, enabling users to reduce the replacement amount of slurry, maintain control over the unfavorable conditions, such as cutting mark and excessive TTV, and greatly improved its ability against environmental disturbance.

Overview of Benefits for Clients of Fundant Patented Slurry

Significantly enhancing comprehensive benefits of sawing wire and production continuity Lowering stable slurry consumption by 15%-30% under the same process
Markedly reducing the over-standard rate of sawing mark and TTV under the same 5S management standard
Greatly decreasing workload and increasing utilization rate of equipments Sharply reducing labor, material and time costs required for troubleshooting of abnormal process
Eliminating cost of slurry mixing (used in equipment directly)
Greatly reducing cost of slurry maintenance (no continuous stirring required)
Sharply reducing cleaning frequency of sawing equipment  and cleaning time

Significantly reducing logistic cost Reducing cost of auxiliary material procurement, logistic and QA
Eliminating cost of slurry recycling management and environmental protection
Reducing cost of workshop temperature and humidity control

Parameters of Fundant Patented Slurry

Particle size of silicon carbide GC1200 and GC1500, can be customized      

Density (kg/l) 1.62-1.64, can be customized      

Viscosity (mPa.s) 180-350, can be customized      

Standard package Barrelled package is used in trial period with 1 ton per barrel, and two barrels can be stacked up during transportation      

Storage After delivery, the slurry is stored in client’s stirring vat, and should be stirred for 30 minutes every three hours for maintenance. Continuous stirring for 90 minutes is required before being used in the machine      

Disposal of waste slurry Waste slurry is independently stored in the specific Fundant barrel (mixing with other slurry is prohibited!)      

Fundant Slurry vs. Conventional Slurry