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High precision sawing wire

High precision sawing wire
Different from the similar products from traditional sawing wire manufacturers, Fundant sawing wire is manufactured based on the continuous research and development and deep understanding of sawing wire application, utilizing the special integrated parameter design and dedicated processing implementation path to pursue more than just being thinner and stronger. Only in this way, as proven track record from all Fundant’s clients, Fundant sawing wire can bring industry-leading and comprehensive sawing benefits to the  users such as : greater potential of acceleration, less loss of wire breakage,  higher sawing rate, and sawing yield.

 Patented isomeric sawing wire
Fundant found a new way to overcome the patent limitation of structure wire and successfully launched the isomeric sawing wire based upon unique equipment and processing  technology with full patent set protection by the end of 2013. The product has intrinsic design advantages over traditional structure wire,of which the products and the processing window are both broadened. Wide range application and batch actual usage by clients has demonstrated that Fundant isomeric sawing wire can bring higher integrated sawing benefits to the users such as: lower rate of wire breakage, higher yield improvement, thinner wire, stronger matching capacity to clients’ production environment, better product consistency and higher productivity.

Standard of Fundant Sawing Wire

Fundant sawing wire made of high-purity high-carbon steel through multiple tempering and cold drawing processes, is coated with brass on the surface and dedicated to sawing high-hardness crystalline materials. With a complete range of specifications,Fundant sawing wire is qualified with strength and toughness that is required for high quality sawing wire, and the product has complete specifications which provides various choices for users emphasizing on different sawing processes.

Breaking force
Tensile strength

80 80±3 Maximum:3 19±4 Target value: 3800
90 90±3 Maximum:3 24±4 Target value: 3800
100 100±3 Maximum:3 29±4 Target value: 3700
105 105±3 Maximum:3 32±5 Target value: 3700
110 110±3 Maximum:3 35±5 Target value: 3700
115 115±3 Maximum:3 38±5 Target value: 3700
120 120±3 Maximum:3 42±5 Target value: 3700
125 125±3 Maximum:3 45±5 Target value: 3700
130 130±3 Maximum:3 49±5 Target value: 3700
135 135±3 Maximum:3 51±5 Target value: 3600
140 140±3 Maximum:3 56±5 Target value: 3600
250 250±3 Maximum:3 159±15 Target value: 3200
300 300±3 Maximum:3 205±15 Target value: 2900
350 350±3 Maximum:3 280±15 Target value: 2900

Note: Nominal strength of extension is for reference only.

Type of Coiling Spool

One-off and recyclable spools are provided for various common sawing equipment, such as HCT, MB and NTC. Coiling length is customized in accordance with users’ process requirements, with the maximum length depending on the maximum capacity of spool selected.

Storage and Usage Suggestion

  • Fundant cutting steel wire is vacuum packaged, and each pallet of spool pallet is provided with desiccant;
  • The packaged pallets can be stored in the warehouse in proper temperature and humidity for 6 months;
  • Before unwrapped from the vacuum package, the pallets should be moved to the working environment to avoid condensation caused by temperature difference;
  • Do not touch the steel wire with bare hands;
  • When you unpack spool package to weld/knot steel wire on machines, rubber ring at the end should be strained to avoid threading and slack;
  • Do not stack pallets during transportation.

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