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Specifications of Fundant Hose Reinforcement Wire

Based on the precise heat treatment and surface treatment capability, Fundant hose reinforcement wire is intended to provide users with better application consistency and superior pulse fatigue performance.

Based on National Standard, Supporting Joint Development and Tailor-Made Service

Fundant hose reinforcement wire meets relevant national standard. It can be jointly developed and tailored under users’ specific application requirements.

Wire Range of Supply

Below Φ0.45mm, the norms of strength and coating could be tailored to customers’ demands. 

Coiling Spool

Using different radiuses according to users’ demands. The maximum coiling length is limited in the maximum capacity of the user-selected coiling spool type.
Name Unit BS60 
A Spool external diameter mm 167 184
B Wiring width mm 153 153
C Flange diameter mm 255 254
D Axle tube diameter mm 117 102
E Axle hole diameter mm 33 33

Storage and Usage Suggestion

  • Fundant hose reinforcement wire is vacuum packaged, and the plastic bag on each pallet has desiccant inside;
  • The packaged pallets can be stored in the warehouse in proper temperature and humidity for 6 months;
  • Before unwrapping from the vacuum package, the pallets should be moved to the working environment to avoid condensation caused by temperature difference;
  • Do not pile up the containers or unpacked wire spools in the open air;
  • When operating, please notice the indicating wire coiling direction of rust-proof paper. Do not touch wire with bare hands.Make sure to tighten the end of the wire in order to avoid the wire threading caused of wire loose;
  • Please be careful and avoid collisions between forklifts and packages when handling products;
  • Take rainproof and moisture proof measures during transportation.

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