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Worldwide Patented Reflective Isomeric Ribbon

Based on patented design and dedicated technology, Fundant reflective isomeric welding ribbon provides simple, economical and highly-efficient ultimate solution to the electric confluence ribbon shading problem of PV modules which has troubled the PV industry for many years.

Patented Design + Dedicated Technology

♦   Compatible to the existing PV welding equipment
­     Simple-and easy-to-use, without the need to change production process
­     Production efficiency/yield similar to  traditional flat ribbon
♦  improving the module's grades distribution
­    Equivalent to substitute high-grade cells with low-grade ones
­    Complete specifications, meanwhile provide bulk customization services
♦  Strengthening module weatherability
­     Superior soldering intensity compared to conventional flat ribbon
     Reducing local stress concentration with design of surface grooves

Standard of Reflective Isomeric Ribbon

Full range of specifications, can be selected according to customer's needs
Model FD-G (General type) FD-S (Sectional type)
Envelope thickness (mm)(compared to the conventional flat ribbon) +15um the same
Envelope thickness (mm) after welding(compared to the conventional flat ribbon) the same the same
Module power gain (60 pcs) 1 0.8% 1.5%
compared to conventional flat ribbon Cell, the cell grade can be reduced by 2 levels Two grade (0.2%) Three grade (0.3%)
Application convenience (conventional series welding machine) Plug and play Section selection must be added
 1 The data above is just based on ribbon of 4BB/1.1*0.25mm or 5BB/0.9*0.25mm (total shading area accounts for 2.8% of module
    surface area).The competitive power gain is higher of wider ribbon, which secures low - grade batteries to replace high - grade ones.
  2  Continue to use the production plan of conventional flat ribbon with two/three lower grade cells substituted.

Product Specification

 1.0mm-wide welding strip as example
Type Project Classification      Project Name  Technical Requirement
Copper  base Coating composition Component TU1
 Resistivity ≤1.7541*10-8Ωm
Coating  composition      Tin(Sn) composition 65(±5) %
 Lead(Pb) composition 35(±5) %
Solder ribbon
Performance   Resistance ≤85mΩ/m
   Mechanical properties        Tensile strength  ≥ 140 Mpa
Elongation ≥20%
Yield force ≤20N
Yield strength ≤65MPA
Size    Thickness 0.26(-0.005,+0.015)mm
 Width 1.0(±0.1)mm
Minimum thickness  14.0(±1)um
 Deformation Curved sickle <5mm/m
  Inclination angle 75(±3)°
    Appearance Surface quality No copper leaking and tin flaking
No black spot, rust and cracks
No tin plump  and burrs on the edge

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