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Engineering Technical Service

With deep understanding of industry application, continuous product development and increasingly improved application empirical model, Fundant is gradually enhancing the value added system of engineering technical service to help clients’ application platform to continuously improve capabilities.
Fundant broke through the foreign monopoly and rapidly developed into No. 1 enterprise in precision silicon wafer sawing market. During the process, we benefit from our understanding of breaking the set pattern of wire sawing application and change of industry standard and technology path, as well as successful development of the unique wire sawing model. Meanwhile, we uses the tailor-made model to provide a great amount of on-site engineering and technical support services to clients, thus assisting them greatly in increasing comprehensive sawing yield through low cost optimization of the existing equipment in the current production environment.
While developing and innovating the market of new reflective isomeric ribbon “from Zero to One”, Fundant, as a special material supplier, has cooperated with domestic manufacturers of stringer, provides detailed and analysis improvement suggestions for the existing stringer with the aim to enhance application process capability, and establishes an application training system for clients from zero, enabling them to significantly enhance equipment capacity by small improvement of tooling of stringer.

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