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Fundant’s Unique Technology Incubation and Special Talents Support

  • Industry-leading platform for metal heat treatment, surface treatment and metal processing
  • Leading technological experience in precision molding, surface treatment and special thin film
  • Premium customer base and service platform across the entire PV manufacturing value chain

What Makes Fundant Different from Ordinary Foreign Enterprises

Fundant's technology strategy, is to attach greater importance to practical skills rather than flashy resume. We continuously hire interdisciplinary professionals and launch differentiated innovative products to increase value for the customer and build 3M of China through attracting talents and taking strong advantages in
application engineering techology.

What Makes Fundant Different from Ordinary Private Enterprises

  • Business philosophy of Fundant: Appointing people on their merit, Prohibiting nepotism and office politics.
  • Fundant refrains from impetuous act, and insists on accumulating collective wisdom, quantitative characterization, systmatic modeling, prudent judgement for R&D ideology and craftsmanship spirits.
  • Fundant upholds the belief that employees are the core asset of the company and don’t let good person suffer lost, so we try to provide outstanding employees with a sense of belonging and help them win reasonable financial freedom.

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