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As one of China’s most comprehensive service solution providers in high-end PV manufacturing materials and consumables, Fundant aims to integrate all-round resources and let the world praising China's innovation in the field of PV materials.
Fundant has a complete independent R&D system that is led by the creator of high-end wire industry in China and experts of “Thousand Talents Program” initiated by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and integrates R&D resources and management expertise from developed countries, Fundant has successfully achieved localization of high-precision sawing wire by changing industry standard and solved the long time PV ribbon shading issue  with reflective isomeric ribbon.
Fundant is open to cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes so as to jointly undertake research projects of high-end PV materials or based on core technology capability of Fundant, align scientific research with industrial demands, integrate superior resources of both sides built on joint lab and work together to promote IUR (industry-university-research) innovation.
It is an important part of Fundant’s independent innovation to participate in national-level and provincial-level science and technology projects. Fundant chooses national or university science and technology projects closely relating to the company’s core capability and extended product group. Through building interaction & IUR platform relevant to research projects with universities and taking advantages of scientific research capabilities of universities and research institutes, Fundant carries out joint research and innovation, introduces advanced scientific and technological achievements, matches scientific research with industrial demands, pursues continuous innovation and excellence and speeds up technological accumulation and product innovation in relating fields.
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