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The Key to PV Manufacturing Competition Lies in Special Materials

For PV industry specializing in manufacturing single PN junction device, there is little difference in product design. Coupled with the mainly use of foreign generally accepted core equipment and unchanged product process, it is essentially the competition of lowering the manufacturing cost ,however,the more important thing is that the cost of material has already occupied 75%-85% of the total sales revenue of Chinese PV products.

Fundant Group Provides a Special Incubation Platform for New PV Material Technology

The present product series of Fundant (sawing wire, diamond wire, reflective isomeric ribbon, etc. ) has constituted a strategic layout from wafer cutting to solar module of PV manufacturing value chain. Apart from sustained independent R&D and innovation, by means of providing an incubation platform for businesses or special talents with shared vision, we would introduce and promote the application of more technologically new products (special packaging material, special backboard, metal slurry, etc.) that can increase value for customers.