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Fundant = A lot of Fun

  • Fundant shared value of "Integrity, Passion and Co-learning"
  • Fundant owned the group behavior of "Breaking out of comfort, sticking to learning, and facing up to panic"
  • Fundant held the culture foundation of "Relentless pursuit of excellence"

  • Integrity is to believe and implement the principle that "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you"
  • Passion is to enjoy the meaning of work, rather than treat it as the way to make a living
  • Co-learning is to keep humble to your knowledge and experience, and sincerely believing that “ Two heads are always better than one ”
  • Pursuit of excellence is the spirit of the craftsman to achieve perfection with the principle of “making today better than yesterday”

Corporate Culture

Fundant’s Culture Pursuit Presentation of Common Enterprise Culture
Pursue excellence and achieve self-fulfillment with the belief of “exploration and creation” Pursue ease and immediate convenience with the belief of “being alive and avoiding pain”
Control your own destiny by: taking active initiative and self-motivation Let others control your destiny by: muddling along and being driven by external force
Value justice above benefits, and consistently follow the self-approved principle  Be opportunistic and easily swayed with time, situation and people
Take trust as the start of communication, and make use of others’ strength and make up for others’ weakness based on facts and results Take suspicion as the start of communication, and frequently talk about others’ political behavior and character by occupying the moral high ground
Sincerely believe that “two heads are always better than one”, respect others, invite others to join the co-learning Be superficial and arrogant, pretentious, jealous and intrigue against each other
Take care of environment, understand others, and adjust yourself flexibly to adapt to and affect the environment and others Emphasize on what others should do and how the environment should be, rather than regulate yourself, and be afraid to change the current situation
Enjoy the tension between team member with different characters, knowledge and experiences, and treat it as source of creativity Consider difference as danger, rather than keep curious about difference, work out of personal preference, gang up, or act empirically and do not think about improvement
Be goal-oriented, focus on details and pay equal attention to results, process and form Be led by others’ impression, be specious, emphasize on form and neglect process and results