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Fundant’s Recuitment Principle


Fundant's organization principle is “Well-trained employees, well-organized concept, and well-developed joint habit”. Fundant values the coordination and matching of team members’ character, value and inherent competence, for specialized knowledge ,experience and special skills can be shared. In the constantly changing times, Fundant wants to bring sense of belonging to those team members who accept Fundant’s value and adapt to Fundant‘s culture, and work towards group excellence via team security.
Therefore, job seekers’ industry experience is not the highest priority. As an R&D manufacturer of special materials, Fundant will provide new employees targeted training and a platform to practice and gain promotion and help employees to continuously improve technical skills and behavioral competence, rather than repeat the existing practice in the market.
What Fundant values most is recognition of the culture “Integrity, Passion and Co-learning”. Hence, our company consistently adheres to the employment principle of “Put people before business”, detailed as below:

Avoid impetuous and advocate execution and the spirit of the craftsman
As a fund-intensive manufacturing enterprise, Fundant doesn’t require high education degree or rich experience for most work. In the process of industrialization, people’s mind decides how far they can reach. So execution time and quality are treasured most. What Fundant requires is the spirit of the craftmanship to achieve perfection with the principle of “Making today better than yesterday”, which is also Fundant’s definition of pursuit of excellence. Fundant treats the employees with such craftmanship spirit as the company’s management talent and core assets.
Reward the best and punish the worst, and advocate active learning and ability enhancement
Fundant believes in “Absorption of collective wisdom, joint innovation, sound judgment and execution focused”, instead of the so-called “Talented genius, great plan, outstanding contribution and rapid success”. Therefore, with the principle of “Integrity, Passion and Co-learning”, Fundant fully implements the idea of “Execution” and “Accountability”, and rewards “Extra allowance” to employees who are able to solve problems and take actions to shoulder heavy responsibility/lead excellence to award bottom-up initiative. Meanwhile, Fundant encourages employees to independently improve the ability to increase company’s business value and effects, rather than pay attention to repeated physical labor or education background, thus changing the traditional “Reward the diligent and punish the lazy” to “Reward the best and punish the worst”.
Eliminate workshop mentality and recruit talents worldwide
In the age featuring “Selecting the innovative school and eliminating the old school”, Fundant does not require everyone to have the innovation capability, but a specific fund is set up to provide generous rewards for innovation. Meanwhile, Fundant requires everyone to have an open mind, and new employees and talents should be recommended and welcome while seniority-based system is not preferred.