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Brief Introduction of Fundant “Star of Future” Trainee Program

The management trainee program of Fundant is also called “Star of Future Program”, its English name is Fundant Leadership Development Program (FLDP). The trainees participating in this program must complete four challenging work shift trainings (30 months in total), working in various production, R&D facilities or subsidiaries of the Group.
During the process, the trainees will deepen their understandings of works in various manufacturing, R&D, sales and management departments through on-the-job training, and learn the operation and management system of Fundant in details. The various internal and external trainings organized by the Group will help the trainees to further improve their abilities in management, communication and team cooperation. The HR team will fully involve in and support this mentoring program

The Four Core Elements of FLDP

  • Starting from the production site -- Fundant is an enterprise driven by the innovation of application technology, and the source of innovation lies in the production site. In the first training of FLDP (6 months), the trainees must accept production training and participate in the actual production;
  • Inter-departmental working experience -- The trainees shall participate in the work shift of at least three different functional departments (such as technology, R&D and sales, etc.) (Eight months for each). In addition to actively participating in daily business and projects, the trainees shall undertake various inter-departmental rationalization or external M&A and integration projects independently or via cooperation. Trainees will be able to experience the R&D and operation modes of Fundant products/applications from different angles in a short time, deepen the understanding of enterprise culture so that comprehend Fundant in an all-round manner.
  • Comprehensive training -- The Group will provide comprehensive training programs, such as communication skills, strategic planning and business management. The internal or external trainings will provide support for trainees to improve their technical capabilities, behavioral competences, management abilities and etc.
  • One-to-one mentoring -- We are committed to maximize the technical capabilities and behavioral competences of trainees. In order to develop the potentials of trainees as far as possible, we provide a mentor for each trainee during the process of FLDP, assisting their task planning and providing suggestions of personal development.

Our Expectations to Trainees of FLDP

Based on the future development of Fundant, we sincerely invite high quality graduating students and candidates with 1-3 years working experience to join Fundant. We hope you have dedication and outstanding performance and willing to bear responsibility. The candidate must be science and engineering master graduate or above with excellent academic performance, and have relevant internship and/or work experience. The candidate shall also have a convincing personality, be good at motivating others and enhancing team morale. In addition, the spirit of enduring hardships and capable of hard work, continuous learning attitude, excellent communication skill, self-confidence and the rigorous logical thinking ability are also key points to the success in the daily business operation of Fundant.

The Requirements on Trainees of FLDP

Educational background
Science and engineering master graduate or above. Studied in famous domestic or overseas universities with excellent GPA (3.5/4.0)
Work experience
1-3 years internship and/or work experience in the related fields (material, chemical, mechanical, electronic, etc.)
Personal ability
Extraordinary leadership, good social and communication skills, rigorous abilities to identify, analyze and solve problems, have convincing and proactive personality.
Language skills
Fluent in English speaking & writing, the candidate with overseas studying or working experience is preferred.