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Fundant Special Material Base

Settled in the national-level development zone in Jintan, Fundant (Jiangsu) Advanced Metal Technologies Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing, sales and services for special materials for PV manufacturing and  early-stage technology incubation for special materials.
Fundant series of reflective isomeric ribbon is the first key product developed and marketed by the base. It provides a simple, economical and efficient ultimate solution for the shading problem of PV modules which has troubled the industry since the initial stage. As an ultra-soft, special-shaped and isomeric composite wire material with high precision, the reflective isomeric ribbon sets a top model for several parts like crystalline control, yield property of finished product, overall weather ability and ageing resistance capability and vertical side bending tolerance in the subdivided industry worldwide.
Fundant special material base will furtherly launch Fundant series of diamond wire in the second half of 2017 to serve the upstream of value chain of PV manufacturing (silicon wafer sawing), and with the reflective isomeric welding ribbon to serve  the downstream of value chain of PV manufacturing (modules) to finally build a market application service and applied learning platform for the entire PV value chain. Welcome the leading special materials expert from the world to join us!