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2008 Fundant (Changzhou) Advanced Metal Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded despite
         the global economic crisis.
2009 The company completed its fund raising and factory construction amid the global
​         economic crisis, and the factory went into operation in the same year
2010 The company launched operation and broke through the monopoly by European
​         and Japanese companies over high precision sawing wire in China
2011 The company was awarded The Youngest Ever Five-Star Industrial Enterprise in
​         Changzhou. The company was selected as the “Jiangsu Innovative Team” and won
         RMB21 million prize money The Company was listed among the Top 10 Enterprises
​         with the Best Investment Value (awarded by Zero2IPO)
2012 Fundant was the only profitable company in the industry amid the industrial
​         bankruptcy wave
2013 The company completed R&D of isomeric sawing wire, reflective isomeric ribbon
​         and special diamond wire and established a core patent set
2014 The company launched development of industrialization technology and equipment of new
​         products. Fundant (Jiangsu) Advanced Metal Technologies Co., Ltd. was set up
2015 The company built reflective isomeric ribbon market "from Zero to One", and gradually
​         improved application model during continuous applied learning
2016 The company completed mass production of reflective isomeric ribbon for industry leading
         clients, initiating a new round of rapid growth