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Fundant Metal Material Base

Fundant (Changzhou) Advanced Metal Technologies Co., Ltd. was established the day after Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy, with the vision to seize the valuable time to build a factory in the depression period following the upcoming financial crisis and prepare a platform that was ready for market recovery.The company is the sole solution provider of special sawing auxiliary materials for high precision silicon wafer with research and development capability simultaneously covering high precision sawing wire, patented isomeric sawing wire, water-free slurry recycling and wire sawing application.
Before Fundant began its production, China’s sawing wire market has developed with the annual compound growth rate of nearly 70% for many years. But the industry was still monopolized by European and American enterprises. With the operation philosophy of “Growing based on quality and innovation”, Fundant successfully overcame the pressure of monopoly and all-around containment ranging from raw material supply to marketing and sales by foreign alliance, through innovative product design, unique technics process and comprehensively innovative service model after years of joint efforts of the founding team. The company sets a high-level strategy that its products are priced 5% higher than Japanese companies, and rises sharply with establishment of high-end brand in the market, and developed into the youngest ever five-star enterprise in Changzhou by leaps and bounds. While maintaining higher market share than competitors, the company gradually strengthens its position as price-setter and becomes industry-recognized leader of relevant national standards.
Fundant metal material base features strong capabilities of heat treatment of metals, metal finishing and refined processing and molding, and aims to step into other high precision metal wire fields through continuous product research and development. Welcome the leading experts with relevant experiences around the world to join us!