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Group Profile

 As a special material group driven by application research and development, Fundant mainly provides services to clients engaged in PV manufacturing.
Dr. Qian Haipeng, the founder of the Group and expert of national "Thousand-talent Plan" of the Organization Department of CPC, graduated from the Department of Radio Electronics of Peking University in 1985, and in the same year was sponsored by the State Education Committee for further study in Europe , where he received a doctor degree in Robotics and MBA. After returning from Europe in 1993, he set the establishment of China Bekaert, directed the start of operation and rapidly led the company growing into a model of more than 80 subsidiaries of the Bekaert worldwide. While training a host of talents for national high-end wire industry from zero, he successfully initiated the wave of radial tire in China. In 2000, he once again left China for the United States and served as CTO and CEO of Innovative Specialty Films, LLC., which has the R&D facilities and company businesses across U.S., Europe and Japan. Through leading series of product innovation, he successfully turned around company's business condition,  which was initially on the verge of bankrupcy but finally was sold as a high price as 14 times of EBITDA. and one of its sub business unit for Quantum automobile film, was sold over 80MM euro for an all cash deal.
Dr. Qian returned again from U.S. in 2008, and established Fundant (Changzhou) Advanced Metal Technology Co., Ltd. in the scenic Jintan District, Changzhou City. The company started production in 2010, and immediately broke through the monopoly of European and Japanese companies for high precision sawing wire over past dozen years. He changed the industry standard of sawing wire, and promoted localization of sawing wire. In 2011, Fundant was listed among The Top 10 Enterprises with the Best Investment Value, awarded The Youngest ever Five-Star Industrial Enterprise in Changzhou and was included into the Jiangsu Innovative Team and won RMB21 million prize money. Though undergoing the wave of bankruptcy in PV enterprises afterwards, Fundant has maintained sound development with total tax contribution to local government exceeding RMB400 million by the end of 2016, and is only leading company that has never suffered any loss in the PV industry.
Excellent business performance enables Fundant to continue research and development and make investment into innovation while our peers are struggling to gain a foothold in the industry. In July, 2014, the new company, Fundant (Jiangsu) Advanced Metal Technologies Co., Ltd. settled in Jintan Economic Development Zone, which served as Fundant's special material base. The company made a breakthrough in the mass production of patented reflective isomeric ribbon for worldwide leading clients in 2016, and provided a simple, economical and efficient solution for the ribbon shading problem of PV modules confluence which has puzzled the industry since the initial stage.
As the launch of our patented special diamond wire in the market in 2017,  we will soon complete strategic positioning of company in the PV industry by connecting through the entire value chain of industry for consumbles and auxiliary materials. Fundant plans to rely on strong alliance with our customers and deep understanding of application engineering to pave the way toward Chinese-made special material empire through internal R&D and a series of incubation/M&A, and strive to win the world praise for China's innovation in special material industry.